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    Default I have never felt so small

    I work in local government as an accounting clerk. I have recently moved to a new team and for the most part- it's been pretty good. The thing is- one of the other team members is making me feel so small. She is acting up in a position higher than I am and has been here a lot longer. I am required to 'help' them with certain tasks but this lady has this persona where you feel really belittled. She tells you EXACTLY how to do your job- even to the last task like making procedures for the job. She is constantly grating on me and I am beginning to really dislike her. We used to get on fairly well before I joined her team, now I can't stand it when she comes over to talk work related things.

    The job that she is acting up in is being advertised for and naturally she is going for it- I'm dreading her getting it because than I beleive the 'superority' will only get worse!

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    I'd say something to her. You cannot work in an unfriendly environment. If she responds negatively then I'd take it to someone higher up.

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    i work with someone like that - and have for the almost 3yrs...

    i really don't have any advice, I mainly ignore her and try to do my own thing as much as possible.

    in the beginning I just bit my tongue and let her get her rant on, thankfully as the role has changed a fair amount she is not so involved and she can't tell me what to do as much but she still tries.

    It was soo bad she used to make me write with a ruler and then check I had done it?!?! She went so far as to question if I was infact using the ruler beacuse the bottom og my o's where NOT flat... when I told her I was freestyling the O's because I didn't think an O should be flat on the bottom she nearly fainted. Some ppl are just massive PIA and generally it's cos they feel threatened.

    Some days I want to jump across the room and poke her eyeballs out.

    If you figure out how to make her change can you let me know!

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    Being micromanaged is so insulting to your intelligence and your work ethic. Unfortnuately, some people who don't have very good management skills feel they need to control every single aspect of their team's activities, rather than providing processes and support that empower them to do their job.

    Unfortunately, its hard to confront these things when you're in a subordinate position. If you have a fairly candid relationship with her previously maybe you could jokingly tease her about being a micromanager, or say "you know I'll do a good job, you don't need to tell me how to do it!".

    Alternatively, maybe you could discuss it with HR. Micromanagement is something HR would want to avoid because its very bad for morale and staff retnetion. Extreme micromanagement can even be considered a form of bullying in many organisations. You should at least be able to be advised on policy, ways to address the situation and get some annonymous support through HR.

    Hopefully, as she eases into the role and develops trust that you're going to do things well and her team won't fall apart without her controlling every little thing that you do, she'll ease up and it'll feel more normal.

    Do know its her with the problem, not you. I hope things improve for you soon beause that situation is really demoralising to be in *hugs*

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    Maybe she's being so full on because she wants to appear she is on top of everything and capable before she applies for the job?

    I've seen the same kind of situation many times (I work in Govt also). Where someone wants a job so bad they become really full on and are a total pain in the @rse to be around.

    I find that in situations where I have to work with people I need to get onside (for any reason) I am REALLY nice to them and ask them questions, make them feel important, you know what I mean. Then they feel good about themselves and leave you alone.

    Good luck!


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