Am looking for some lunch box ideas. DS is starting big school in less than a month and I want to gather some good recipes. He's not a big eater, so I have decided the lunch box will consist of the following;

A sandwich or lunch type food
A baked snack
A wrapped preservative free snack (dried appricots/prunes etc)
A peice or peices of fruit
A bottle of water

So, I want to gather a collection of ideas on the sandwhich type food and the baked snack. Here are some I've come up with;

Sandwhich ideas;
Cream Cheese with alphalfa and grated carrot
Cut into fun shapes

Baked Snacks;
Banana Bread
Savory Muffins- need to find some good recipes
Mini Quiche

If you can add to this- I'd be all too appreciative.