Hi Guys

I'm just wondering if anyone here knows the significance of E2 and P4 levels during the 2WW?

Mine have been increasing, is this an indication of pregnancy or does it not matter?

my levels have been:
7dpo/4dpt - E2: 5400 P4: 304
10dpo/7dpt - E2: 7600 P4: 498
13dpo/10dpt - E2: 9400 P4: 565

I have been in increased monitoring as I was at risk of OHSS (19 eggs collected), and have been on Progesterone Pessaries 400mg x 2 daily, and also 750iu of Pregnyl every 3 days since transfer (same day as BT)

Also can anyone give me a good indication on when the 750iu Pregnyl will leave my system for a HPT? I did a HPT this morning three days after last injection and got a very faint +ve, but not sure if that is the artificial hCG!

My final BT is on Friday which will be 17dpo... the wait is killing me!