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  • Yes, atleast once a day, and my baby is mostly content

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  • Yes, but not often/only when I felt the need

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  • No, I am a generally relax person/didnt feel the need

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    Default did you use relaxation techniques during pregnancy?

    While I was pregnant many people remined me 'the baby feels everything you feel' (happy, sad, cranky etc)

    I had a 'difficult' pregnancy (to put it lightly) and it was very hard for me to feel relaxed. But I really didnt want a cranky baby and everytime I felt myself getting 'worked up' the above phrase would ecco in my mind.

    I meditated twice a day from 8 weeks pregnant, tried my best to keep jogging till I got to big and then would go for the occasional walk and when work got to much for me I went on maternity leave (8 weeks before DD was due) I also ate everything I wanted (put on 29kg some people would say that wasnt healthy but I was underweight when I fell pregnant and putting on that amount still didnt put me in the 'over weight' category)

    DD is 7 months old now, and and absolute pleasure to be around. She didnt make a single peep till she was about 4 days old, she used to be a terrible sleeper but some 10 weeks was sleeping through the night. She smiles, giggles and plays all day and is very content/entertaining/friendly (unless shes very hungry or overtired) Dont get me wrong, she has her bad days (as all kids do) but Im wondering if the effort I put into having a 'peaceful' pregnancy played any part in making her this way.

    Did you use any relaxation techniques during your pregnancy?
    Have you seen any positive results in your babies?

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    I never did so can't help there!

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    I am a stress-head, had a very stressful job (Property Manager), worked hard and long hours, had an hours travel every day and often felt like screaming because of tenants, Landlords who were painful and one of the girls who worked with me being so incompetent that I couldn't rely on her for anything. I would have had at least 2 crappy days a week.

    So while medically my pregnancy was OK until I got high BP at about 32 weeks, I am a bit amazed that my DS is so chilled out.

    Whenever I would be struggling with frustration or after people had been yelling at me, I would often go for a walk, sit and do some deep breathing and visualisation, have a rant to a colleague and get it off my chest and used to turn the music up real loud on the way home and sing out my day. Most of the time when I got home I was OK, sometimes I would de-brief with my DH as well. I also used to often wake up in the night making lists of what I needed to do the next day.

    Luckily my boss was pretty good. I was going to leave at 36 weeks, but the month prior to that I cut my hours on Dr's orders because of my BP. I worked less each week that last month and also did some work at home.

    Then after I left work, I did bugger all! I finished setting up the nursery, washed all his clothes etc, but spent most of the time watching TV, resting and just trying to stay relaxed and get myself organised and prepared for the birth.

    So I don't know if the relaxations worked, or if DS is just more like DH in temperament (though he can throw a mega tanty with no notice! Ds that is, not DH!) as DH is much more chilled and things don't bother him like they do me, or if we are just lucky.

    Will be interesting to see what No 2 will be like as I'm not working now and the only stress in my life really is dealing with DS and his tantys and the odd fight with the DH!

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    I think i definitely needed to. Both pregnancies were stress-ville especially with DS but he was a really peaceful and settled baby.


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