Hi! How are you?

Some of you might of seen my posts about my DS Xavier's feeding problems, being nasal-gastro tube fed for the last month and half, refusing the bottle, etc.

Well, I took him to the Pero Clinic and ONE WEEK and a half LATER my DS is now drinking all of his bottle! I followed their advice and viola!

So THANK YOU thank you THANK YOU thank you THANK YOU Pero Clinic!! We've now taking out his tube and Xavier is now drinking all of his bottle and in fact, really wants to drink the bottle and enjoys it!

I'd been to paediatricians at the Royal Children's Hospital and Ipswich Hospital who'd both just said 'Oh, you'll keep having to tube feed him for a few months yet'. Not trying to put them down, but yeah, not much help.

And they aren't the type that just take your money (money well worth it, too!) and shove you out the door. They follow you up and talk to you about how it's all going.

Because of their help, my son will no longer have to get the tube put down his nose, which is really really really unpleasant, and irritating to him, and it made him a really really unhappy child. Now he's back to his normal, cheery, utterly gorgeous self.