Are you looking for support? I am a psychotherapist with a practice on the NSW Central Coast and Sydney with a specialist interest in motherhood, pregnancy loss, relationship changes due to a new baby, attachment, termination.

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Following is an extract from a paper I have written on 'The Motherhood Journey'.

There are many implications for a child who has come from an insecure attachment base such as the development of unhelpful ways of relating to others through adolescence and adulthood. These ways of relating can be referred to as ‘creative adjustments’ in gestalt therapy. Creative adjustments generally consist of core beliefs about self and others that are often formed in early childhood in response to repeated relational experiences, and can continue into adulthood out of awareness and unchallenged. An adult who had an insecurely attached childhood may therefore have core beliefs that the world is a dangerous place or that other people cannot be trusted. These beliefs may be due to repeated experiences of unavailability with their primary caregiver in early childhood.