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    Default BFN HPT but Positive BT?

    Hi all

    I know I am clutching at straws - but its all I have right now!

    BT is tomorrow morning - 2x 2 day embies transferred on 27th Nov through ICSI. I quite stupidly POAS last night and again this morning - both giving a BFN! Last night there was some slight spotting - but the crinone makes it a bit difficult to really tell (if you know what I mean).

    Has any one had this (or similar) and got a BFP with their BT?

    My last BFP came up immediately with HPT, though faded daily as little embie didnt want to stick. This time - not even a hint of a line

    its going to be a loonngg day

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    IVF is all about the straws we clutch too, my first IVF ICSI was like this, I Googled to death looking for inspiration and there are some stories of HPT's been negative but bloods been positive BUT sadly the majority of cases it would be a BFN.

    I seem to always show a BFP around 10dpo, one transfer I did not and I was hoping it was a late impalnter but deep down I knew it was truly a BFN.

    Hope you can be one of the inspirational ones, as it is always hard hearing the words in the phone call after the blood test.


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