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    Hi Girls,

    Sorry I have been MIA, but I have had technical issues logging on.

    Starf1sh - I'm so sorry this is happening to you. Another friend of mine is going through a similar trauma (using ED embies too), and has been investigating all sorts of options. An option she found (from an FS) to thicken your lining is to do the first half of a stim cycle using less FSH and not doing the EPU part (saves lots of money as you just use the FSH you have in the fridge and pay of any top-up needed). This 'triggers' your body to go through the whole 'create follies, prepare lining etc', and stops you having to use the other drugs which are more of an artificial out of sinc prompter to build that lining. My friends FS is happy to do this and we have helped her locate the necessary FSH. She starts the first try in January, and will only be charged for her apts with the FS and usual scans. The surgery makes sense too, but I can understand your reservations. It is more invasive but you never know. Wishing you all the best of luck with getting that BFP early in the New Year

    Slinky - I had the operation you mentioned and it was really worthwhile as I had a higher than normal level of NK cells (and had 11 embies transferred before it was performed ). It just helped me kick one more obstacle out of my path, and now I have prednisolone and clexane with every transfer (before and after).

    Spot - I'm incredibly happy you have twins onboard Your DH has got great intuition, so let us know what he thinks next week Can't wait to see you UTD

    'Hi' to everyone else and 'Merry Christmas'. I flew to Brizzy on Tuesday and my last 2 embies thawed successfully. 1 wasn't doing much (a compacting morula who MUST be male), but the other was hatching and reassessed as 'bb' grade as he was prepared for my transfer. I was so grateful to have them on board. It took a year for me to get 1 transfer with Wazza due to the ED process, his overseas holiday and then his back surgery. He was wonderful, and of course, I'm having TWINS I need to book my BT for immediately after Christmas but I will be doing HPTs from tomorrow to see if a line appears and gets darker or lighter. Torture maybe, but I need to prepare myself if its a BFN, and one mechanical phone call 'Address and DOB please' after Christmas isn't going to be enough time to prepare.

    Good luck to you all. We have soooo many hurdles, and I can't wait until we all graduate and are complaining about the lack of sleep, and morning sickness


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    Starfish, I had the hysteroscopy on Day 10 but there was nothing magic about Day 10 per se - I understood I could have the hysteroscopy on any day except during AF - the timing was dictated by my FS's surgery schedule. AF arrived 20 days later. I ovulated 14 days after that, had my transfer 5 days later and got pregnant with the bub I am carrying now on an FET. So I guess a month between the hysteroscopy and the FET.

    Again, this is just a summary of my story, I am not saying it applies to you or anyone else, I just know that I have drawn a lot of good information and support from other women on this thread and others where I've lurked, so I guess I'm trying to 'pay it forward' and tell my story in the hope that it gives some information or assistance. Anyway, back on with the story! What attracted me to the hysteroscopy was the idea that the FS could have "a look around" and she took photos, so I could see for myself what was going on (yep, that lack of trust thing again!). The International Ashermans Association at was a great source of good information about hysteroscopy and adhesions/scarring. Unfortunately the only way to diagnose it is through hysteroscopy. My 'plan of attack' if you like, was to take a good look at what was going on inside, so we could potentially exclude adhesions, scarring etc and then I would know I was dealing with an endocrine issue. Now, in my case it happened that scarring WAS found AND I had an endocrine deficit (my endo was still lighter than it should be and I needed Progynova support) BUT I believe I responded better to the Progynova because I'd had the scarring removed, and also implantation was made possible by removal of the scarring. I was on 2 Progynova a day after the hysteroscopy (it helps to stop the scarring coming back) and then 3 a day from day 5 (when my thin endo was found).

    Re what Millie said above re a 'half stim' cycle, my FS was talking about doing a similar cycle if I failed to respond to the Progynova. It would have definitely been an option I would have considered because I've never had a lining problem on a fresh cycle.

    Good luck with your decision making . I remember being in despair when my FS told me about the thin endo, it felt like yet another roadbloack in my way (loads of pity parties were held round at my place, trust me!) But when I looked into it I found that there were many options for dealing with a thin endo (more so than many other fertility issues) and I came to believe it was a speedbump, not a roadblock ... here's hoping its the same for you.

    Millie, I have EVERYTHING crossed that there is a Christmas miracle on its way for you. Please, please, please universe, its time to give Millie her bubs!

    Spot, hope those little ones are snuggling in really, really, really want a Christmas miracle for you too!
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    New thread for you ladies Here


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