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    Default Unexplained Fertility and Success Rates?

    Hi Dr's

    My partner and I and a young couple (23 / 28 years old) and have tried naturally for a baby for over 4 years. During this time we had some very early chemical pregnancies, however never more then 5 days past an expected period

    We have also done Clomid and IUI cycles, both with no success at all

    We decided this year in August to do IVF. We have done EPU which resulted in 8 embryos, on was transferred on 3 day which resulted in Chemical Pregnancy. We have had 2 FET's since then

    First FET we transferred 2 embryo's which resulted in nothing. Treatment for this cycle was pills for first half of cycle, I the ovulated and transferred 2 x 2 day embryo's. This was a failed cycle. The embryo's were 4 - 6 cells

    Second FET we again transferred 2 embryo's this time one 8 cell 2 day the other was 4 cell (had 6 however 4 didn't go through, however the 2 left did double again) the first emby was said to be excellent however the 2nd was poor quality. This cycle we did injections of 33.3 puregon, then injection of Pregnyl 5000, then 2 follow ups with 1500 during TWW. We are due for AF on Monday, however I am not holding out hope.

    We lost 1 embryo during thawing on cycle 2 which leaves us 2 more in storage, one a 3 day and the other a 2 day

    What could you suggest to us that will help with getting a positive result?

    We have recently done 12 viles of blood for testing including karotype, this all came back clear. I am a negative blood group however have been tested for anti bodies and again it's clear.

    Any suggestions?

    Would you recommend Clexane, Cartia or Baby Asperin?

    What's going to give us the best possible result for pregnancy?

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    Cartia is baby aspirin and ther is no need for you to use any of these drugs. Certainly not clexane which is a drug that is very dangerous. You are young and will do well. My view is that you should have a simle HRT cycle using estrogen to thicken the endometrium prior to embryo transfer. Do not transfer more than 1embryo and ensure that they are grown to the blastocyst stage first. If they don't get to the blastocyst stage you are wasting your time. Good luck. GS


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