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    So, firstly....BREATH!

    secondly- My labour and birth was fantastic. I had a 9 LB 13 oz baby boy and i can happily say it was not as bad as everyone had put it out to be!!!!
    Accept help when its given. If i had known how my first 8 weeks were going to be (thanks to a husband who all of a sudden thinks he is 18, and is gods gift to the world) i would have moved in with my parents!!!!!!! I am still considering it!!!!!
    Also, financially, well, you just survive. Dont buy stupid stuff and bubs doesnt need anything crazy!!! lol!
    Just dont over think everything. I am a massive over thinker and i have had to learn to go with the flow.
    If you want to cry, cry......seriously, talk to people about whats going on in your life.
    Its a massive change.

    Be confident in your skills. xoxoxox

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    I freaked out AFTER I had DD... I cried everyday for a month... and it helped. The labour and birth was on my mind all throughout my pregnancy and after all the exercise and yoga I did, I still had a bit of a traumatic labour, birth and recovery, but 5 months on... it's all a blur even though I thought it'd stick in my mind forever.

    It's one of those things that you have to accept and go with the flow... you have to choose to do so. I remember when I fell preg even though we were married, had a house etc, we were still going to wait another 1-2 years before trying... so I was ripped out of the comfort zone i was living and it was so hard to adjust... BUT you have to tell yourself this is the hand we were dealt and that's life! And it's not a bad thing, it all happens for a reason. And now I wouldn't change it for the world, no regrets, that's the most important thing.

    Lifes full of worries! I worry all the time, but I try and savour the good times, and somehow it all works out... it always does!

    GL, you'll be fine

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    it is completley normal to feel worried. baby cold feet!
    I think it has a lot to do with the fact that life is going to change and that change is so unknown to you it is hard to not worry about it.
    as others have said, if it does get too over whelming, talk to someone or your gp. maybe just try and do somethings for yourself that you enjoy.
    I think that a lot of people tell you about all the hardships of having a baby when you are pregnant. there are so many amazing moments that far out weigh any difficult times. there is a reason that people go back for more!

    there is always help out there, you just have to be brave enough to ask for it.
    all the best. x


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