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    Default chances of success??

    Hello, my name is katie and I have just turned 27. My husband is 50. We have a 16 month old son who was conceived naturally (and straight after we began trying). My pregnancy was easy, but when I had my c-section they discovered i have a bicornuate uterus.
    When our son was 2 weeks old, my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We froze sperm before he began any treatment, and it was apparently 60% live.
    We began ICSI about 9 months ago. My first cycle, I had 27 eggs retrieved, 20 were fertilised and i had 8 reaching blastocyst. I am not sure of the grade, but I was told they were excellent.
    I had 2 BFNs, then 2 chem pregs. Then I had 2 transferred together and it was another BFN.
    I switched doctors and clinics after the last transfer, and I am starting a fresh cycle, leaving the last 2 embies behind.
    I don't understand why they keep failing. It is breaking my heart. I am so young, I am seemingly so fertile. I keep reading all these other stories about people who are older than me, with fertility issues, who get pregnant with 3 attempts on average.
    What do you think my chances are? My new doctor says my chances are great, but I am not sure. Do you think there is some other reason why it is not working?? I keep thinking that maybe its my husbands sperm.
    Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you so much.
    Katie x

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    You were overstimulated and that is probably why you have not been sucessful. The fewer the better sometimes and your new specialist is right, you are young and will do fine but get them to reduce that FSH dose to about 75iu per day. Good luck GS


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