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    I did ask DS's paediatrician if I was more likely to have another bub with reflux and he said 'you may or you may not' which I take means there isn't a definite answer to whether it's a genetic thing.

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    My nana had 2 kids (my uncle and mum), the eldest of them (my uncle) had refulx. My mum had 4 kids, and only one (my older sister had reflux). My sister also has 3 kids and only one (her 2nd child) had reflux. I have one bub, and she has reflux, and im hoping if i do have anymore.. they wont have reflux Maybe it does run in families.

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    I know this thread is old, but you've all given me hope that my next baby (whenever we TTC) may not have reflux!

    I love my DD with all of my heart but those first 7 months were hell, but I'm finally enjoying her each and every moment of the day, so even if number 2 does get it, I know there is an end it sight.

    If only there was a miracle cure, or something you could do whilst you were pregnant to stop it.

    I sometimes think I was too cautious when I was pregnant. I ate NOTHING that would potentially have listeria, I had no alcohol, I didn't smoke and I avoided being around smoke, I did yoga, I went for lots of walks etc. Whether that has anything to do with it who knows but I won't be going out and eating anything I want, drink, take up smoking and not do any exercise hehe.

    But interesting that many's first baby had reflux but subsequent children did not and I typically hear that many mothers aren't so strict on themselves when pregnant with second and subsequent children. Could there be a link!?


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