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    Default Feed your family for $50 a week!

    While I am new to Bubhub, after reading through many threads, I found it has upset me to read that people are unable to feed their families come the end of the week.

    I have been thinking about this for a few days now, and today I went down to Coles armed with my notebook and pen to figure out how we can feed a family of 4 for $50.

    While I am not claiming for these meals to be the most nutritious, tasty or worthy of a spot on Gordon Ramsey's latest menu, the idea here is to prevent the kids from going hungry, while trying to focus on the 2 fruit and some veg a day for the kids.

    Again, I have put this together as a last resort, I am not a dietitician or nutritionist or anything like that, nor have I tried any of the Coles products I have listed.

    Take a look.

    Breakfast for 7 days (whole family): Weetbix (3or 4 per person) If there is enough bread left at the end of the week, you can have jam on toast.

    Lunch: Kids: 1 apple, 1 banana, cut carrot sticks, sandwich with jam, water in a drink bottle from home. Adults, left over sausage sandwich, pasta in a plastic container from the previous nights dinner or jam sandwiches.

    Dinner day 1: Baked beans on toast
    Dinner day 2: Chicken drumsticks with mash spud, fresh carrot and frozen mixed vegetable
    Dinner day 3: Pasta with 2 onions, half of each capsicum, jar of pasta sauce and 1 loaf of garlic bread
    Dinner day 4: Bangers and mash with fresh carrot and frozen vegies
    Dinner day 5: Pasta as day 3.
    Dinner day 6: Fried rice with fresh onion, carrot and mixed frozen vegies
    Dinner day 7: Sausages in bread on the BBQ with 'Ratatouille (is that what it is called - cut up onion, capsicum, whatever veg is left over and grilled)

    Here is the price list (prices are as at Coles today. Items marked with an * are on special this week) Items in bold are the Coles Savings brand.

    2 loaf bread $2.18
    2 packets pasta $1.18
    2 jar pasta sauce $3.18
    1 packet of sausages $8.00*
    8 chicken drumsticks 3.00*
    5 onions $1.50
    2 packet carrots 4.46 (these can come on sale for 99c a packet)
    2 green casicum 2.00
    1 bunch bananas 1.59
    10 apples $1.95*
    5 kg bag potatoes 5.98 (this bag may last 2 weeks)
    1 large box weetbix $2.91
    3 litres milk $3.09
    1kg packet frozen peas and corn $1.59
    2 can baked beans $1.38
    2 garlic bread $1.79
    2KG packet white rice $2.99 (This should last more than one wee)
    1 jar jam $1.50

    Total cost $50.27

    If you have a few extra dollars, enhance your pasta by buying a block of coles tasty cheese for 3.98 for $500 gram. This will also do for cheese sandwiches and cheese on toast!

    Hope this helps some families!

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