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    First of all big

    I have been at stayed at a mother and baby unit 3 times!! The first two times was with DD1 for PND/PTSD. I was in there for twice for a two week stay. And with DD2 i was admitted again for a mix of sleeping issues and PND, i was in there for four weeks.

    I think it is a really great support and is really beneficial but i do honestly think it can be a bit of a trap, Once in there it is really hard to remember life without there support and going home can often be terrifying so much so that you may keep postponing and postponing, You have to push through that and go home, trust that the nurses/doctors no when the best time for you is. Once you are home you may find things go really well for a few days but then you may relapse, This happened to me and i was almost going back in i started the process again but then DH said NO you just need to push through this and you will be ok... I think while you are in the MBU everything is done for you, your cooking, cleaning, sometimes they get up with bub etc so when you come home your really thrown in the deep end.... I suggest baby steps, have a plan in place - maybe go home for a few hours on a weekend etc.... I know this as happen to a few people who have stayed in MBU...

    Sorry rambling...

    It is a great support but i think you just need to remember that it is only a temporary stay and you need to be preparing yourself right from the start to go home.... if that makes any sense....

    I wish you all the best and hope that you get better soon it is a long journey, trust me its been 5 years and i am still on it.

    Take care of your self...


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    HI, hope your doing ok atm. I attended a PND group at Tweddle. You can ring them and get info. It ran for 6 weeks and cost about $30 a session. It was medicare rebatable, run by a pshycologist there. She was great.
    I stayed at North Park in the MBU. They take you if baby if under 12 months. I did the babylove program there also, which delt with attatchment issues. Was well worth while. And they have a day program where you go in once a week. All these things are private, so if you dodn't have any health insurance it would cost a bit.
    I have also done the day program recently at Albert Road. Found that more intense than North Park. It's a phych facility so the mothers issues were more full on and I found it a bit confronting at times. But all were worth while.
    I really wish someone had said to me earlier to JUST GO to North Park. I faffed around thinking maybe I could cope. I think the earlier you get help the better.
    It stops you developing negative thought processes, that I'm still trying to change today!
    SO if you think you need help I would say GO FOR IT!
    And don't take no for an answer.
    And as a previous poster said PANDA have some goood resources.
    They will call you too on a regular basis. They ended up calling me every three days to have a chat, it was like having a good friend. The phone workers have mostly had PND themselves.
    So heaps of to you!

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    Thanks again for all the replies.

    I am feeling *slightly* better today - i think it is knowing that I have a psych appt and a CAT team appt coming up. And all the support on here has been great - I really appreciate and it has helped. I dont have many friends in real life and my family lives in Melb. DF is really trying but i know he doesnt really *get* it. I feel supported by the professionals involved, but it is great to hav the extra support online.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and advice.

    I am going to take it step by step - keep seeing my psychologist, then the CAT Team who hopefully will be able to get me in to see a psychiatrist for a review.

    I have heard good things about Northpark in the past, but I dont have PHI. My psychologist mentioned the Austin Mother Baby Unit yesterday. I didnt realise there was one out at Werribee as well. I am really glad there are options out there and people have had positive experiences.

    I guess I am hoping it doesnt come to having to stay at a MBU but I am open to it. I just wish there was one in Bendigo - so i didnt have to be so far away from home! But all we have is the psych ward which is so scary and definitely made me worse.

    I had a look at the PANDA website - I might give them a call if i feel the need after my appts.

    Thanks again for all your help and taking the time to respond and support me


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