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    Default failed ICSI - what other areas to test and questions


    Sorry in advance with some of the spelling of technical terms.

    We have done our 1st ICSI cycle in sept which failed. I am wanting to know what other tests we may need to start looking at to make sure we are optimising our chances.

    For us, Dh and I are both 30 and concieved naturally DS who is 4 after 7 months TTC. But after now 2 yrs TTC and some tests - DS' SA was the ogliy one - so some good sperm but not enough which is reason why we were sent straight to ICSI by our FS. For me I ovulate regularly and my FSH was in good numbers.

    With the ICSI cycle we just done I was on 125mg of Puregon and then did the Oraltun, then the trigger. I ended up with 11 eggs, 8 from my left side. After the EPU I got a slight case OHSS and fluid/bleeding and I was in hospital overnight. When ET was in place FS went to put embie back in but there was some issues with my cervix as it is slightly bent and smaller which was a bit more difficult. So it took 2 trys. I got my period on CD31. We ended up getting 2 frosties so our aiming to do FET in Nov.

    I have 2 questions.

    1 - what other tests should we start looking at and questions to ask FS as I dont really want to wait after 3 or so failed cycles before we start doing more tests.

    2 - Also with my bent smaller cervix is this going to be a concern with ET and with the egg implanting?

    Thanks in Advance - Ness

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    Hi Ness
    With the difficult transfer you should consider a d&c and hysteroscopy. This will define your anatomy and ensure that the best chance for an easy transfer occurs. You are youndg and will do well. Explain your concerns to your specialist and I am sure they will sort it out! God Luck GS


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