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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to this thread and just looking for somewhere that might understand the fear that has obsessed me today. I have a long history of recurrent miscarriage (6 in 14 months) and this is my first pregnancy since October last year (5w5d today). Everything is going perfectly so far, according to the FS, levels are rising nicely and I have my first scan on Friday at 6w4d.

    This is the longest of 5/6 miscarriages so far and the 6th one was a blighted ovum. Having now passed all dates of the previous miscarriages, I am petrified that the scan on Friday is going to show another blighted ovum. I had a blighted ovum which was terminated at 11 weeks in October 2011. I have been on DHEA since February 2012 to improve egg quality to make sure it doesn't happen again but I just have this horrible fear that won't subside today that Friday is going to show an empty sac again.

    I have no reason at all to be worried other than my history and I've tried staying calm but some days the anxiety is worse than others; today it's bad. Has anyone else experienced a blighted ovum and future pregnancies were fine? How did you cope? I'm so anxious about this.

    Thanks for listening.

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    I am currently 6 weeks 3 days (approx) and I am really starting to freak out. I have been having some brown mucus at least once a day for the last few days and even though I have had some people reassure me that this can be normal I am really worried. This is my 6th attempted pregnancy and I don't think I can take another loss. My dating/viability scan is on monday and in some ways that can not come quick enough but I am very worried that we will get there and there will not be a heartbeat. I saw part of a tv show earlier with a pregnant women who had a nice bump and baby was obviously kicking as she had her partners hand on there and all I could think is I am not going to get there (which really scares me). I don't want to say any of this in my DIG cause I don't want to freak all the happy innocent ladies out who think that once they see a heartbeat or pass 12 weeks that they are safe because I know that is not always the case.

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    Oh Jazz
    The waiting is SO hard!
    I really hope that it works out for you.
    Big hugs! xox

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    Looks like it's been many years since anyone wrote on this thread! Anyways, I'm new to this and in need of some venting and hopeful for support if anyone's out there!!

    So I have a six year old son and 17 year old stepson. Last year my husband and I decided to try for a baby of our own. I miscarried at 6 weeks in July, then again at 8 weeks in november.

    Good news (i guess) is that getting pregnant is not an issue for us at all, because here I am again pregnant. Needless to say, i'm quite scared! My GP tested my blood and progesterone and sugar - the works - and said everything is looking great. Then she said to go for a dating scan. Very nervous about this since both miscarriages were discovered at this scan. Thinking of waiting a week... silly?

    Also questioning all of my symptoms!!! Driving myself crazy, of course. Not feeling queasy and starving the last two days, but boobs are more tender than before. Hoping my hormone levels are staying high and this little one makes my dreams and prayers come true

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    Hi Loulouie,

    The current thread is here:

    Please come and chat. How many weeks are you now? I would only get a scan done at 5 weeks or 7 weeks. 5 weeks is too early for a hb but they can make sure bubs is in the right spot. By 7 weeks there should be a hb. Anywhere in between these two times will 'usually' cause unnecessary stress.

    Wishing you an uneventful pregnancy,


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