anyone out there? LOL this has been a VERY quiet thread lately!

Thought I would just on and say hi to everyone.

Sniper - hope you are over your cold and feeling better.

Lucky - same & good to hear your OB is fantastic.

Super - how are you? have you hit the big 30 week mark yet? How exciting! Have you started getting organised? Hope your little man is treating you well

Fireflies - how are you feeling? You must be getting very big now! I hope that you are getting some sleep and that your back is not too sore. Not long now!!

Thee - OMG you're in your last week!!! How are you travelling? Hope you haven't popped early and we missed it! Would love to hear an update from you hope you are well

Shala - how are you love? You should be 20 weeks now? Or even further! Baby brain has got me!

Okay that is as far as I can see without going cross eyed, hope I haven't missed anyone, if I did it was not intentional.

AFM - been having a really rotten time at work. My office, while never super professional/organised, has turned into a kindergarten with people cracking the poos left right and centre and all being very whingy. My manager told me last week they are all stressed for when I go on m/leave because I am the "voice of reason" who normally calms everyone down. Well aren't I lucky? In all this "me me me" carry on and people feeling unappreciated/hard done by not once do they stop for a moment to think that maybe the heavily pregnant woman has enough to deal with and does not need to be playing referee to all their squabbles! And every time someone has time off etc I am stuck doing their work load as well as mine! Oh I could write a book about it but no point me joining in the whinging I just smile do my job stay happy and get the hell out of here at the end of the day . Not long now..... I spent last week interviewing replacements for my receptionist who is going to step up and do my job... the boss is doing second interviews today please let him pick someone and hire her quick so I can get training!

Getting organised at home now which is a lot of fun, getting the carpets cleaned tomorrow so we can set all little Miss's furniture up in her room and really start feeling like things are happening. I am 29 weeks tomorrow. Got a bit of shopping at the Target baby sale yesterday so have a few sheet sets and so on organised, as for everything else well who knows! I keep picking things off the shelf and asking DH - "do you reckon we need one of these" and he just laughs and says he has no idea! Oh we will get there in the end...

Okay girls belly rubs to all of you and I hope you are all happy and healthy and your bumps are growing nicely.