WOO-HOO! big scan this morning went well- got the all clear!!! everything looked great and normal- measuring on dates and in the 60th percentile, heartbeat of 153bpm. didn't find out the sex. god it was hard though- i had a bit of a turn lying on my back in the heated room, managed to calm down a bit though and get through it.

everyone gets their own colours today- its just one of those days!

Em- it's proabbly worked out better that they will promote an internal person- as you said less training etc- just think only 9 (that's single figures) more weeks to go!!!

superstar- yay for 3rd trimester!! what colour have you painted your nursery? have you gone with a theme?

luckyme- happy birthday for the other day. Keep in midn I am 39 and managed to get another one going so event hough it may be a bit of a rush, No. 2 is very feasible.

fireflies- how are you feeling? it's an ominous feeling to be so close but sometimes it still seems so far, I keep checking in here wondering if you are in labour or hatnot.

shadow- yay for good NT results- another milestone reached with flying colours! its nice ot have people knitting for you.

hi to everyone i have missed- that's as far as i can see back, hope everyone has a great weekend.