Dr Glenn Sterling is the founding director of Life Fertility Clinic in Brisbane.

Dr Sterling blended his Australian training (considered to be among the world's leading IVF nations) with Professor Crafts tutelage to become a Harley Street IVF doctor and renowned fertility care expert. In the UK and over years of international, national and local experience, Dr Sterling has acquired invaluable knowledge in the delivery of fertility treatment.

Areas of specific interest:
  • Fertility and assisted reproductive technology. His research with Professor Craft was predominantly on male fertility and he was the first to identify an association between oligospermiaazoospermia and the necessity for higher doses of FSH in IVF.
  • Advanced laparoscopic surgery (particularly in the treatment of endometriosis)
Dr Sterling is excited to an Online Expert for Bub Hub and welcomes your questions.

Dr Glenn Sterling
Life Fertility Clinic is located in Brisbane.