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    Default 6 failed transfers - please help us

    Hi Dr Sterling,
    Sorry that this is a long post, I just want to give you our background so you know what our history is. I am really starting to worry and would really appreciate your advice. I have had 3 full stim cycles so far and all up 6 transfers, 3 transfers were fresh and 3 were frozen, all of them have been completely negative without any hint of implantation. It has always been a long down reg, mainly because my partner works in the mines so we have to fit epu in with his roster. I was on synarel and 350iu of puregon each time. Also from my 4th transfer onwards I’ve taken baby aspirin from ET day onwards. On my first stim cycle they collected 9 eggs, 5 fertilised via ivf and 4 embryos made it to blastocyst. I had 1 transferred and had 2 Fets as well (1 embryo didn’t thaw). On my 2nd we also had 9 eggs collected, this time there were 4 eggs fertilised and 3 made it to blastocyst. I had 1 transferred fresh and then a fet with 2 embryos transferred. For my 3rd stim cycle I had 9 eggs collected again but this time only 1 fertilised, therefore they did my 6th transfer on day 2, I guess they didn’t want to take the risk and leave the embryo to day 5. I am 39 in December and my partner is 44. We have been ttc for 4 years and doing ivf for 12 months. I have a low amh (have had the test done) we have also had all the blood tests done after our 3rd transfer was negative. I had 11 vials of blood taken for a variety of tests and my partner had the karyotype done. Every test has come back clear apart from antithrombin for me which I am assured doesn’t affect implantation and I was put on aspirin to prevent clotting and risks to me. All the analysis tests for sperm morphology and motility have always been fine. I have been going to acupuncture weekly with a fertility expert (recommended by the clinic) for the past 9 months plus sessions before and after ET, I have now stopped going because I figured after all this time if it was going to help it would have by now??? Basically I am wondering what else we should be trying or asking for? I have never had a laparoscopy and when I asked for 1 after my 5th failed transfer I was advised that it wasn’t necessary, (because I have no symptoms of endo) I’ve also asked for a NK cell biopsy but my specialist doesn’t believe that its necessary either. I have been told that my failures are due to my age which may well be true but she also admits that my embryos have all been very high quality and that she was also surprised that I got so many embryos each time considering my low amh. We will be doing ICSI this time due to fertilisation failure last time but apart from that is there anything else you suggest?
    I apologise once again for my extremely long post/question, I just desperately want any advice you can give me that can help me achieve a healthy pregnancy. Thank you so much for your help.

    P.S. I have just found out in the last week that I have antiphospholipid antibodies. Apparently this has shown up in tests which were done in May and then again in July. I did another repeat blood test to check the levels again last week and will find out the results next week when I go in for another appointment. My specialist is now considering putting me on clexane if the levels are still high. Could this explain multiple implantation failures and if so could clexane perhaps help me now?
    Thank you for your time.
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    1 You do have symptoms of E.....infertility! Have a lap and hysteroscopy done!
    2 Highly contentious but NK biopsy in luteal phase of value
    3 Aspirin and clexane may be of benefit but clexane isnt cautious
    4 Use an antagonist not synarel
    5 Use ICSI
    6 Only transfer Blastocyts and ensure 2 at a time especially fresh are best
    7 Make sure your embryos are frozen with vitrification.................

    I hope this is a start for you

    Good Luck

    Dr Glenn Sterling


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