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    ok ladies as promised heres a list of useful books ive read that maybe helpful. if anyone would like to buy copies please feel free to PM me or if you would like me to research anything (thats all part of my job) let me know

    Bump and grind: Complete Survival Guide for When You are Trying to Get Pregnant and are Sick of Being Told to Relax by Genevieve Morton $29.95

    *One of my fav ttc books. Very easy to read and often quite funny as it’s something that all us ttc’ers go thru. She knows what she’s talking about because she’s been thru it too!

    Man with a pram by Farry and Mitchell $24.99

    *Written by men for men about the journey from ttc right until after bub is born. It has everything you wish your man would know! This is an Australian book written by a nurse/midwife in the royal flying doctors and a publisher/ graphic designer and yes they are both men with children.Bubhub get a shout out on pg 176.

    What to expect before you’re expecting by Murkoff $35

    *The new one of the series quite informative but i found you can get all the same info off bub hub for free.
    ** We also stock what to expect when you’re expecting $39.99 and what to expect the first year $39.99

    Someone else’s child by Sue Phillips $32.95

    *Very easy read. I bawled, I laughed, I wrote the author a letter it moved me that much. Amazing true story about surrogacy in Australia.

    Bonding with your bump by Miriam Stoppard $24.95

    *Quite a good book with some interesting theories about unborn babies. I took a bit away with this book and plan on using some of the exercises as well as some of the ones i thought up myself that weren’t in the book.

    How to afford a baby by Davis $27.95

    *For anyone that’s at that stage where they need to think about how much will we need and what’s involved when i go on maternity leave, or even if your aren’t pregnant yet and want to weigh up the costs of a baby and the cost into the future.

    Trying to conceive by Micheala Ryan $26.95

    *I loved this book. I read it over 2 days. Individual stories of men and woman on the journey of being a ttc couple. I don’t think I’ve cried tears of joy this much reading. Very inspiring and they put you right at the scene. You go thru every stage with them. The lesson i got from these stories is even if the doctors say there’s no chance....there’s always a chance. Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

    Diary of a first time mum by Nicole hall $26.95

    *A book of all the fun things we should look forward to as first time (and even 2nd,3rd etc time) parents.

    Up The Duff by Cooke $45.00

    *new revised edition of the classic

    Kidwrangling by Cooke $45.00

    *next book in the series and just as informative and insightful as Up the Duff. This one deals with after birth all the way thru school. Just as funny and knowledgeable as Up the duff.

    Baby Making Bible by Emma Cannon $39.99

    *I found this book very much like what to expect before you’re expecting with more take this vitamin, eat that kind of food thrown in. Deals with infertility, unexplainable infertility and assisted methods of conception, it is a very health and wellbeing orientated book.

    Baby by Desmond Morris $49.99

    *gorgeous coffee table book and very informative. Particularly good if you have other smaller children wanting to know all about what’s going on in mummy’s tummy or want good visuals on what is happening inside your body. Plus they have the most adorable photos in it.

    What no baby? By Cannold $29.95

    *A book about how feminism is to blame for fewer and fewer woman having the freedom to have children.

    Pregnancy day by day By Blott $49.95

    *yet another beautiful book filled with pictures of what’s going on inside when you’re pregnant. This one is quite large as it is as it claims a day by day account of your pregnancy. All sorts of titbits and a countdown. Very useful information for both mum and dad.

    How to Have Your Second Child First: 100 Things That Are Good to Know...the First Time Around By Colburn and Sorensen $26.95

    *I laughed when i read this book. It sounded like my mum had written it about me (being the eldest) as a first born child getting up to all sorts of mischief.It’s a warm and reassuring book, scores of real-life second-time parents offer first-timers their stories and lessons learned.

    How to choose the sex of your baby by Dr Shettles $22.99

    *a complete updated version on the method best supporting what sex you’d like your child to be. I started reading this thinking “does doing all this really work?” so far we haven’t had any luck at all but millions of happy parents around the world can’t be wrong can they?

    Save our sleep By Hall $34.99

    *written be renowned baby whisperer Tizzie Hall. Great book for tips on how to teach your baby to settle and resettle themselves and getting them into a sleep routine for bubs first 2 years of life. There’s things in it like dummy use, dealing with premature babies and multiples, feedings and self problem solving.

    The good sleep guide by Henderson $19.95

    *Much like save our sleep but a step by step guide for each stage of age. UK based web addresses for further info that are still worth a look.

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    Thanks for this list hun i think ill go and get bump and grind

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    I've read Bump and Grind and really liked it. It is just so well written! I've also read Conception, Pregnancy and Birth by Miriam Stoppard. I love this book because it was so informative. I just hope I get to the "pregnancy" part soon.

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    Default Useful Books for TTC

    If you have unexplained fertility issues, particularly persistent BFN even with IVF or early miscarriage then this book is the foundation for all things immune and gene related - and there are only a handful of specialists in Australia that practice along these lines (affordable and accessible).


    It was recommended by lovely ladies on BH and changed my course!


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