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    Default Protein S Deficiency

    Hi Sonya,

    I spoke to you on the 16th Aug (see my Immunology testing thread) in regards to blood tests which I had done. I have 80% of the tests back and all are clear except my Protein S has come back marked "Low" at 57.

    I realise this is a little below borderline however, can I ask would it be suitable to take Clexane (or the likes) and /or baby asprin? Or what would you suggest?

    I do have a daughter (3yrs) but as I have since had 2 m/c, one fairly late in gestation (being 15 wks), 3 failed IUIs and 1 failed IVF do you think these could be off help?

    I value your advice and thank you

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    Default protein s deficiency

    Hi Mya,

    Different clinicians would approach your situation in different ways. The hard evidence most likely would not support taking clexane, but given your history, it would also not be an unreasonable option to try. Taking aspirin would be a much easier option, but again with no high level evidence of a definite effect. This is one you will need to discuss in detail with your FS who has all the fine details of your history.
    Dr Jessup


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