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    Yes i do.

    Not that her son and i are together as he is totally emotionally abusive but she is just ANNOYING.

    I asked her for twenty dollars once and she said she didn't have it.Righttt.But i notice as soon as your husband passed on you went on THREE extended os trips as you couldn't cope.

    She always gets the most measly presents ,used to ALWAYS bring up her son even though he has NO input into my son and she knew i hated talking about it.

    She rang the other day for my ds birthday,no money or present or anything and when i rang her back wasn't particularly interested in talking about her grandson ,no she just depressed the hell out of me by talking about how much she missed her dead hubby.AGGG.Thank goodness she moved interstate.

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    I guess some mil's are just insensitive and do their own thing, which I guess they are entitled to.

    I have one that is totally involved and supportive of all her other grandchildren and just assumes I need no help and I'm the one with the most kids!

    She actually tells me how hard it is on all her other children "struggling" with their babies...none of them have a baby as young as mine or more than one child so I just calmly listen to her delusional thoughts and nod away.

    When I'm sick I just keep going. When any of the others are a little sick she races straight over or drives from another city to help the poor dying family.

    Sure it ****s it me off. But my husband thinks I'm amazing for keeping my cool. I'd rather his respect any day.

    I feel sad for my children at times as she doesn't make an effort to attend their special things at school but makes an effort to watch a baby swim class for the others?????

    I appreciate that my parents make a beautiful effort with my children. They have an awesome bond with them

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    Yes, I can relate. My MIL sucks too.

    She has zero interest in our kids but adores her other grandchildren.

    She still hasn't seen DS (7 months old) or expressed any interest in him whatsoever. She doesn't give the kids birthday or christmas (or congrats on being born) presents anymore and its like they don't exist to her.

    She's also said in the past that she won't visit if I'm here; she'll only see the kids if I'm not there (and hasn't mentioned them since).

    She's an emotionally abusive witch though, so I don't actually want her to do anything with the kids anymore anyway. I used to, but now I'm happy for her to keep her distance. I feel sad for the kids missing out on a nice normal relationship with grandma though.

    DHs brother is the same. Couldn't give two hoots about his niece and nephew.

    Luckily my mum adores them and has a great bond with them.

    to everyone with sucky inlaws.


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