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    I've actually made some progress in the last few weeks.

    I've moved him into the neighbouring bedroom, which has a queen bed.

    I've implemented more of a routine, in that I lie down with him with a bottle of milk (I know, I know, I was always against topping up, but I hadn't had a full night's sleep in 2 years...) at 8pm-8.30pm and we read books with dim light. Then when he's looking sleepier (his normal magic time of 9pm), I feed him to sleep.

    the last two nights, I left him alone in bed after I fed him to sleep to see what happened. The first night he slept from 9pm to 6.30am straight, the second 9pm to 5.30am. he came into our room and I fed him. The first morning he fed back to sleep, but this morning I had to get ready for work, so he stayed up with my partner.

    I hate saying this, but I think the extra milk might be helping.

    I wouldn't mind continuing to sleep next to him all night, but I sort of have to balance it between him and my partner. Unfortunately, it no longer works with us all sleeping together as my son wants half the bed and wakes up more as he can't stretch out.

    I do feel a bit anxious leaving him in his room alone, as he has been in arm's reach since birth.

    Anyway, sorry long story - but I think we're making progress!

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    That sounds like great progress! Nothing wrong with a milk top up by this age. I know what you mean about the bed real estate - we used to dream of the royal beds of old, you know, wide enough for eight adults, with a canopy and all that jazz. We also put ours (twins) into an adjacent double bed for a while which worked very well and they also slept a little better for having the space to stretch, whilst still being close by. I wouldn't be worried about arm's reach, as I think this takes on new meaning as children get older and can make their way confidently to you.


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