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    Default Clomid not working?

    Hi, Im 31 and I've had 3 mc in the last 19 months or so at 8wks 6wks and 6wks. During this time I wasn't on any medications. I have since been put on clomid for suspected LPD.

    I have been on clomid for the last 5 months, 4 @ 50mg and the last at 100mg all at days 5-9. I was monitored the first cycle only and everything was good with 3 mature follicles. My LP has gone from 9 days unmedicated to 11-12 days on clomid, but for some reason I cannot get pregnant?

    Could the clomid somehow be preventing pregnancy instead of helping? I was given 6 cycles, I am unsure whether to do the last one?

    What would generally be the next step from here?

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    Default recurrent miscarriage

    Hi jose634,

    Taking one step back from the clomid/ovulation situation, have you been properly investigated for recurrent miscarriage? You and your partner should both have had karyotypes performed and you should have had an enormous amount of blood tests done to exclude a known cause of miscarriage. Your situation needs to be looked at very closely. Make sure you have a good fertility specialist and go back and talk through each step of the workup. Regarding the clomiphene, maybe it is time to start low dose FSH.....?I would need to see your full history to be able to accurately advise you.
    Dr Jessup


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