I agree with a previous poster , Dont stress about them waking during the night.
Just do whatever is easiest for you and your bubba.
There is no RIGHT way of doing things , all babys are different and alot of them wake through the night wanting a feed.

My son is 2 years and still wakes for a breastfeed on average 3 times a night, so to make life easier for us we co-sleep.
He goes down into his cot at 7.30 and falls asleep by himself but wakes about 10pm and ends up sleeping in my bed with for the rest of the night.
I think my boy does it for the comfort.
I figure they are only young once and soon enough they will little kids and all the sleep drama will be forgotton about any way.

I have learned to just lie to people and say he sleeps through to save myself the agony of getting given a lecture from people who think co sleeping is wrong.

Also another crazy thing we do to get DS to sleep for his day nap is to drive him around the block in the car singing old mac donald had a farm .
Then i transfer him to the pram and bring him to finish his sleep.

Just do whatever works for you and stuff what anyone else thinks.
Sounds like you are doing a great job any way.