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    Default Which herbs are safe for ivf cycle?

    Hi Dr Sonya,
    I am needing some advise if you can help me.
    I am going to do an ICSI cycle in mid Sep or Oct with daily doses 450 of puregon.
    I am 42 year old with FSH 8 and low AMH levels otherwise i am ok.
    I have 4 children naturally conceived and the only reason i am doing IVF is my new partner has MFI as he has low sperm count due to chemo.
    I am currently taking quite a lot of herbs to try and help my fertilty/egg health etc for my ivf cycle.
    Here is the list!!

    Chasetree/vitex 2000mg per day
    Royal jelly 3000mg per day
    Wheatgrass 2000mg per day
    CQ10 300mg per day
    Maca capsule 550mg per day
    Fish oil 3000mg per day

    Blackmores pre conception daily dose
    and vitamin B6 200mg
    Vitamin B12

    I also have acupuncture once a week.
    Could you tell me if i should stop any of these herbs before i start my ivf cycle/ puregon injections for icsi cycle?

    I heard the Chastetree/vitex is dangerous in
    I am am going ahead with an ICSI cycle in mid September.
    Thankyou so much

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    Default natural substances and fertility risks

    Hi Mel19681.

    There is no evidence to definately say that most "herbal" substances are either safe or not safe in pregnancy. My advice would therefore be to continue taking the herbal medications right up until the time that you start your IVF/ICSI cycle, and then stop. That way your body will be replenished with the herbal nutrition you have taken up to that point, but you will not need to worry about possible harmful effects to the developing egg or embryo.
    Dr Jessup


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