DH and me are thnking of buying a home. Our tenantial lease is going to expire in December. I was just browsing on the internet and there are a lot of investment properties in the real estate. First of all, i was thinking that whether it is good to buy a inv. prop. because as a first time home buyer you have to stay in that home within one year of transaction for at least 6 months.

Secondly, we will have to move out of that home because after one year we can go anywhere in Australia because of DH's advanced training. Thinking that, an investment property will be good.

Thirdly, in every ad it is advertised that this property is giving a good rent so why the owner is interested in selling that property?

Sorry, it has turned out to be a bit long but we are a complete novice in this field.
So, we will like to know your views.