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    Default Asprin on natural FET


    A small history check: Have had 4 natural pregnancies (one being in 1997 (m/c) and 3 since 2007). 3 have been miscarriages and one resulted in a healthy live birth.

    I have read and heard some amazing stories on people reaching their successful pregnancies with the help of baby asprin even when they dont have any immune system disorders. I hear that asprin may be help with implantation / circulation of the blood. I have had a failed IVF and a couple of IUIs.

    All I want to know is is it safe for me to take a low dose asprin during my natural FET this month? I plan on getting some tests but would it hurt the embryo if I took it anyway. I read that most FS say "it cant hurt" but woulld like your professional opinion. And if I can, what mg would I take per day, when do I start and when do I stop? Because of my m/c, would I continue throughout the pregnancy?

    During my last IVF procedure I had an endometrial lining of 11mm.

    My period is about to show up anyday, so your advise is greatly appreicated.

    Thanks again,

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    Default aspirin for natural FET cycle

    Hi 2morepls.

    The use of aspirin in fertility treatment cycles has gone through phases of popularity and otherwise. One of the larger and most recent studies suggested no benefit from low dose aspirin and "a trend" for a negative benefit.

    I therefore no longer use aspirin routinely, but in an individual setting, do not think it would do any harm The dose to use would be 75-100mg daily. In patients with thrombophilias ( or clotting disorders) daily heparin or clexane injections has a more beneficial effect, although may centres will use aspirin as well. Have you been thoroughly worked up for recurrent miscarriage with blood tests ++? ( See the list of tests suggested by "mya") Have all your thombophilia results been normal? I think a full assessment would be the next step, with or without aspirin ( I don't think there will be a huge benefit or significantly worse outcome either way) Cheers, Sonya


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