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    Default PCOS + Clomid = IVF?

    Hi Dr Jessup

    I have PCOS (the only symptoms I have is long irregular periods, cysts and high FSH (or is it LH I always get it mixed up!)levels and have finished my first round of Clomid (50mg CD 2-6).

    Ovulation has not occurred this cycle.

    I am starting a new cycle in September of Clomid at 100mg.

    My FS has advised that we will only be doing one more round of Clomid at 150mg if the second one fails. If the third cycle fails from there he said we would move into IVF. He advised me that he prefers to move onto IVF rather than doing the FSH injections.

    I realise that every FS treats patients differently and I was wondering it if is common to move straight to IVF if Clomid fails?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default PCOS + clomid = IVF

    Hi Teags84,

    As you probably have gathered by now, some women with PCOS are very sensitive to clomid and create follicles ( sometimes too many) with only 25mgs of CC. Other women are quite resistent, and need much higher doses. For some CC doesn't work at all. Moving your weight into the normal BMI range also helps ( gaining weight if you are underweight or losing weight if your BMI is a bit high). I too am not the worlds greatest fan in repeated CC cycles if it doesn't seem to be working. The temptation to then use higher doses and then trigger with "2-3 follicles" rather than cancel the cycle , means that most of the high order multiple pregnancies we see in Australia today are as the result of clomiphene or low does injections of FSH + IUI. In many ways, using FSH to stimulate the ovaries, then replacing one embryo at a time is much more likely to acheive a pregnancy and it is much more likely for it to be a safe singleton pregnancy. Ultimately though the choice is yours, and as long as you are sensible with clomiphene and are prepared that some months may be cancelled, there is no reason why you could not continue for a few more months with this method.

    Cheers, Sonya


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