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    Default Au Pair for cultural exchange

    Hi there!
    So I would choose an au pair. Although they usually can't work as much in the household as a nanny can, there are several benefits with an au pair.
    I enjoy the cultural taste the au pair brings in a household. You will learn something another culture and for your kids it's simply amazing, because they will also learn to be more tolerant and open-minded. I have found my au pair through www.aupair.com and got a great support from the website. They are not an agency but answer all the questions you have and help you through the process. I also find that they have the newes information on their website for host families: https://www.aupair.com/en/p-australia.php
    because some tax regulations changed this year and they already know about it.
    I have been an au pair in the past and now i have au pairs, so I kind of know both sides.

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    Default Live in Nanny or Au Pair?

    I agree with Vicki... 2 young children and older twins would be too much for a typical au pair.. Which are generally untrained. As a mothers aid.. An au pair would be ok.. But if you plan on giving sole care of 4 kids to someone.. A trained nanny would cope better. I have had 3 live in au pairs and will get another one when I go back to work full Time when I finish mat leave. Good luck


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