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    Default low ovarian reserve

    I have one frozen embryo left and was advised by my specialist a few years back that it is likely I have a low ovarian reserve (over 20 follicles were present but only 6 eggs collected at egg pick-up). I am thinking I should have an ovarian reserve test done in case the FET fails and my prospects for more eggs is low.

    What does this test show? It is just an indicator that you do have low reserves or is it as refined as giving you an indication of how many eggs you have left or how much time you have? I don't feel ready to TTC again but if I only have a limited time before my eggs run out it will make me hurry for another chance.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Low ovarian reserve

    Hi Jenna33,

    If you had 20 follicles at the time of egg collection, I think it is quite unlikely that you have low ovarian reserve. You could have an AMH test performed ( Anti-Mullerian Hormone) which you give you some indication. What age are you? I would ask your FS to do the AMH test or an ultrasound assessment of your antral follicle count. I wonder if all the avaliable eggs were collected? were you coasted? Was the trigger on the early side? Was any flushing used? My advise would be for you to have your remaining embryo replaced ( you have a good chance of falling pregnant) and only then consider another IVF cycle.
    Dr Sonya.


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