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    Hi All,
    Micca it was great to hear your U/S news. I found DDs first US one of those wierd, yet wonderful moments. Uni anatomy hadn't prepared me for the amazing feats of the embryo.

    Sooz I am amazed at your restraint with your next test tomorrow. I used 3 in 2 days when I got a positive. Third one was just cause it was a 3 pack and I could watch the 2nd line come up again. I know it is best to keep aware of the possibilities, but it is so exciting. A positive is so very very positive with tingles on.

    I'd be starting those pelvic exercises already.

    Talked with my youngest sister for a very long time. It was really nice to talk and talk. She says she'll donate if we decide we need her. I feel bad and good. Poor thing is actually needle phobic. Panic attacks and projectile vomitting when faced with an injection. She is agreeing to do a lot very very generously. If I hear anyone downplaying her offer again with things like óf course she'd do it' or Ít really is easy', I'm going to be very angry. Poor thing, it turns out, unbeknownst to me, my other sister, who is 40, has also brought up the possibility of youngest sis being an egg donor for her too.

    DP and I are still plodding along. I think he thinks all problems are now solved. Pat on the back. Good job all. Bwahahah... sorry matie... more relationship shopwork to come. The evil emotional girlfriend is still here.
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