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    Default Help! My two yr old twins are driving me mental!

    Hi Ladies

    I'm asking all twin mummies out there for a little advice about how they discipline their twins and how they cope during the bad days.

    My boys are identical, they are three in august and to me they seem very unhappy alot of the time. I'm not talking about the little spats they have here and there but the day long whining no matter what i do to keep them occupied or cheer them up.

    I make sure they have plenty of activities to do each day and we go to the park almost every day. We visit friends, we go shopping and get a treat etc. They sleep through the night and eat really well. They get time apart from each other so they have a break from trying to wring each others neck.I'm nearly at my wits end i just feel like i'm doing something wrong.

    I guess what i'm really worried about is both my mother and i have had a depressive illness in the past and i hope one or both of my boys dont have the same negative brain chemistry. Am i worried about nothing? Is it typical 2/3 yr old behavior?
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    I can't give you any advice from experience but I can suggest something - in our local area there are a couple of programs run for 3 year olds that are about 6 hours per week (2 x 3 hourly sessions) which is like a pre-kindy program. Essentially like a kindy with activities, snack time, mat time, outdoor time etc. It is for those children who are turning 3 the year before attending kindy - like your boys would be. It would be good for them and good for you also to get a break. Might be worth looking into. Would most likely be run by an occasional care centre.

    Hopefully someone else will have some suggestions also.

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    I think being wingey and complaing alot is part of nature for 2-3yo (and 5yo for that matter!!) My DD (now 5) is a very clingy girl and she seems a bit complex at times. I have often asked her (because I was sorried she felt left-out and not loved as much after ther brother, then the twins arrived). She tells me she is fine. When I ask her if she wants just her and mummy to go shopping, she tells me she wants L & E, and she guess N and dad to come too, so I guess she means it.

    I do not envy you being where you are now with 2 x 2-3yo!! DS1 has just turned 3 and it i making me very scared of when my twins get to that age. I am hoping that having very different temperments to each other might help, but I dunno!!

    If there is a history, maybe keep a slightly closer eye on them, but try not to worry too much. 2yo and 3yo are rather strange creatures!!

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    My twins are only 10 weeks but I've been there and done that with 3 year olds 4 times already.

    I highly recommend a day of occasional care or creche. My 3yo has been playing up heaps since my twins arrived and so she's there 3 days a week (but she's being going since 2 so is used to it) and loves the structure and interaction with the other kids. Her behaviour at home has improved too as she's getting plenty of stimulation at creche. Despite how much you try you cant provide everything they need, socially. Plus, its nice to give yourself a break occasionally. Use the time away from them to shop in peace, go to the movies, or just chill out. At the end of the day they'll be contented kids and you'll be a much better mummy because of your 'me' time.

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    hi insomniac, i had to think back a far way to when my girls were three. I know before they turned four I had had my last baby. I was a sahm, the only activity we had was Playgroup. I took them to the school drop off and pick up for my oldest boy, and that was all we did on a regular basis. I tend to think maybe children are given too much activity these days. Not commenting on you, but just a general statement. We were home most of the day for most of the week, only busy times might be on a weekend, family outing. They didnt have a regular sleep through the day, but I dont remember too many days of me. I think it is just typical 2/3 year behaviour, but I wonder if they would manage ok with less activity. Marie.


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