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    Default worked for me :-)

    Hi :-)

    on our first icsi cycle our best embryo 'only' had 8 cells on day 5 and we had nothing good enough to freeze.

    My FS put me on dhea troches , melatonin and inositol for about 6 weeks.
    She also told me to eat lots of colourful veggies such as red pepper and beetroot, walnuts and drink 1 glass of full cream milk a day which I all did.

    Ive just had my 2nd EPU. Better % of fertilisation ( 10 mature, 9 fertilised )
    4 made it to day 5 with 3 blasts and the 4th one nearly made it to blast.
    I didn't think it would work but im pleasantly surprised!

    It was well worth the acne, greasy hair and mood swings :-)
    Good luck!

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    Default My amh changed from 5 to 7

    We have been ttc for a few years now... my AMH was originally 5 when I first tested in 2011. Last year my AMH rose to 7ish..
    I give that increase was definitely the dose of DHEA for 5 weeks that I started taking before we went for an overseas holiday where I took one a day. (25mg).
    An ivf cycle straight after resulted an increase in eggs (8-10) follies where prior cycle I had 5.
    The embies didnt stick though and now on Dhea again from another FS.
    Our embies arent prime best quality but im continuing with dhea and taking 2/ day. My script is actually 3/day @25mg.

    I think from what ive heard we all react differently from dhea, some get no effect.

    I have thick hair so I cant see anything changing on my head but I did always have annoying body hair which is supposed to increase while on dhea.


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