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    Default 19wks & light brown/blood spotting....has this happened to you?


    Im trying not to worry had 19wk scan today all looked great,didnt mention where placenta was,but its at the front....I saw on my pantyliner a hour or so ago some light brownish colour,then before had to go no 2's so pushed a little,then wiped & saw more pinky blood little bit of mucus in it....little twinges to my side...bubs is moving(although soft movements,cause of placenta.
    Rang hospital,nothing they can do put my feet up...if it gets worse or cramping go to hospital....anyone else experienced this? CHEERS!

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    Hi beautiful boys! Yes this has happened to me. I bled from 17 weeks right to the end of my pregnancy. SOmetimes brown some times pink in mucous and sometimes bright red. WHen it started at 17 weeks I had a scan they couldn't see any cause if bleedind and bub was healthy so they told me to take it easy and hopefully all will be alright. Well 2 weeks of stressing and constant spotting went by and I went back to the hospital and demanded they did something. So I had a speculum (where they look at your cervix like a pap smear) and I had an ectropion cervix or basically my cervix was really irritated and just constantly bleeding, so even walking made it bleed. Its due to my cervix being super sensitive to the pregnancy hormones. Hopefully yours goes away and doesn't last all pregnancy like mine.... but if it does rest assure I had a beautiful healthy baby at the end I know how worrying it is I hope you get some answers soon, don't be afraid to go to your health care provider if you feel really concerned about it.


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