I agree with the others - we always knew my DS was really smart, as does he (lol). We just gave him extra resources to learn different things when he was younger. We didn't need to get him tested though - his daycare picked it up and just directed him to activities that he enjoyed or they thought would be helpful, his teachers have always given him extension work and identified his abilities. The first suggestion came from his kindy (nsw so first year of school) teacher who said she suspected he was gifted and maybe we should find out. You can go through school counsellors for things like that so off we went.

However the counsellor works 2 years on, 1 year off, and had just spent her year off doing autism stuff so without meeting him decided he was Aspergers (which is not the way to diagnose, and gifted kids often have the same traits but with different motivations, I call it the can't vs. won't - ASD kids can't do certain things due to understanding, G&T kids won't because they don't see the point/want to etc, especially socially).

So we left it for years. His teachers have always been happy to challenge him, and this year he's in year 5. There is a selective high school he wants to go to here, and he has some anxiety and perfectionism issues so we got him in with the school counsellor here to learn to handle those problems in class. We mentioned the selective school and the counsellor suggested the IQ test in order to work out if he had the capacity for it (because if he didn't his perfectionism and anxiety would only be worse in an environment that was too academically advanced for his ability).

So he did the test and the counsellor just went yep.... kid needs that school. His IQ on the test he did (which is often considered lower scoring than other tests available) was around 130. This is the first 'proof' we've ever gotten and it's only to benefit his ability to get into a high school. We really haven't needed it before now. Now he has the district counsellor boss person (lol sorry I forget how to phrase his position) having written a report recommending his inclusion in the school to go along with his test and application.

So yeah, we knew when he was 2/3/4 but haven't had it confirmed until we needed it - which is now, age 11 in year 5