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    Quote Originally Posted by babyPhat View Post
    We got him recently from a friend of a friend. Hes been vet checked once by them when he was a month old (i think) and they gave us the Vet booklet thingy. Im not very familiar with kittens so thats why a million questions atm ... and hes a boy cat too (our last cats was older when we got them and they were both females)
    and as a general rule, boy cats are more affectionate than girl cats. not in my case - i have one of each, but generally speaking. might be why you've noticed he's so affectionate. we had another cat a while ago and he used to sit on me, staring into my face purring at every chance he got. such a sook!

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    From the RSPCA website-

    "Diets for cats are very demanding because of their high protein and fat requirements. Cats can easily become food fad animals, which leads to diet deficiency diseases. Cats are creatures of habit and naturally suspicious of new things, including food. However, accustoming your cat at an early age to a variety of foods can have the adverse effect of creating a fussy eater. Instead, it is recommended you accustom your kittens to a well- balanced diet, consisting of an appropriate commercially-made dry kitten food, with the inclusion of wet kitten food offered several times a day. Raw chicken wings/necks should also be given regularly to promote good dental health. In addition, it is suggested that you:
    • Feed your cat a range of wet, dry and raw food, which will ensure that all nutritional needs are met.
    • Feed little and often - most cats are grazers. It is a good idea to provide a small breakfast and dinner while allowing your cat to have access to a daily dose of dry food throughout the day. However, while allowing constant access to food, it is important to be wary of not over feeding your cat.
    • See that bowls are scrupulously clean. Also remember that if your cat is leaving food in its bowl, then you are probably feeding it too much - most cats will eat their fill in the first few minutes.
    • Don't feed cow's milk - while a lot of cats love to drink cow's milk, it's not recommended. Many cats are lactose intolerant and giving them milk will result in an upset tummy. This is especially dangerous for kittens that will dehydrate quickly. If you must give your cat milk, it is recommended you purchase special cat's milk which has been specifically formulated for cats to drink.
    • Don't feed liver only, as it leads to skeletal problems.
    • Don't feed raw meat as the sole diet; again, skeletal problems can occur.
    • Don’t feed cats dog food - feeding your cat dog food is extremely dangerous. Dog food lacks the essential nutrients taurine and arachidonic acid. Taurine deficiency can lead to blindness, and arachidonic acid can lead to dry, scaly skin. Cats require a higher protein and fat content in their diet.
    Most canned and dried foods are formulated in line with your cat’s dietary requirements and the RSPCA recommends Hill's Science Diet (available at RSPCA clinics and shelters) which is well balanced and better for your cat's health. Cats must have access to fresh water at all times especially if they have a dry food diet. "

    Desex ASAP.


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