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    Hi Nat, Emma here...
    Just read your post looking for IM.

    Do you have any private health insurance?
    Did you say you are thinking of having a second child then you might want to look into getting it if you don;t have it before you get pregnant it as it will also cover some of the expense with going private as well as cover a IM. Make sure you find out what are the waiting periods are as most are 12 mths so you have to start it (family cover) 3 months before you conceive.

    I have been on it for years mainly leading up to getting pregnant and now that i am pregnant i am leaning more towards a public hospital birthing centre but getting my own private midwife. Or giving birth at the Royal Womens Hospital as their birthing suits are amazing all with own private huge bath in ensuite.
    This is because i have found most private hospitals to be OB's run with NOooo natural approach to birth.
    And our Hospitals here, Royal womens, Mercy Birthing Centre Heldelberg, to name a few of the closer ones to you are very good with great facilities.

    Although having said that i have spoken to my midwife Jan Ireland who reccommends if your going private Guy Skinner Obs in East MElb as he seems to be ok with a private midwife bringing in a birthing pool to the private hospital and is more relaxed with a natural approach. Or Lionel Steinberg as he is more for vaginal births.. but he is expensive too.

    If you are looking to find an IM to help you have a more natural birth in a private hospital there are two legendary Independent midwives in Melbourne: Jenni Teskey and Jan Ireland.
    They used to work together but now run seperatly.
    Jan lives more on the Elwood side and Jenni is more Northcote & beyond. But they can deliver all across MElbourne. Homebirths as well.

    Jenni Teski is at midwivesnaturally.com.au and Jan Ireland is at southeastern midwifery. search for opinions on them here on bubhub as they are both very popular and very very experienced.

    My sister had Jenni for one baby and Jan for the other.
    Me i am going with Jan as she is funny and fabulous and i love her crazy personality as well as all her experience.
    But Jenni is brillaint as well, book an appointment to see both of them and see which one you click with.

    Have fun, it;s great to be so organized and get things planned.
    If you ever want to meet up for a cuppa somewhere in North MElbourne, let me know.
    (i work from home)
    Or email if you have any other Q's
    Take care,

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    Jojo, do you have the details for the place you went to in Point Cook. I think that is where I went for my first pregnancy 3 years ago and now I am pregnant again. I would really like to stay with them, Lorraine was fantastic. I will be delivering at Werribee this time instead of Sunshine as my experience with them was not great. They looked after my son wonderfully for the week he was there but their care of me whilst there and afterwards was disgusting to say the least.


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