I truly can't believe I am even asking myself this question let alone out loud. but I just can't shake the feeling that I might be able to have just one more child. Because we haven't made any permanent contraception choices yet I keep tossing around the idea in my head. I tell myself that people do successfully have more than 4 c-sections, so why can't I, but then I think that I am just crazy and need to let go of my baby making days. I do understand the risks of having a 5th c-section, but due to the fact I have had 4 uncomplicated c-sections so far I feel my track record is reassuring. And you hear of many women choosing to have high risk pregnancies to get their precious cherubs. On another note I feel I have pushed my luck in having 4 beautiful and healthy children, what if I push our luck too far???? Hmmm so many questions going around in my head I just had to put them out there for opinions so hopefully I can put the question to rest. What should I do?