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    Default Is living on Base in Puckapunyal really that bad?

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    Hi CJ,

    The short answer is, "Hell yes!!"

    We lived in Pucka for 4 years and would not only never live on a base again, but would rather discharge than go back.

    I think living in Vic got on top of us. We did not like the weather, and AFL permeates everything & every conversation (seriously, who gives a sh!t!!).

    Living in base was like living in a bubble. It was the same people, doing the same things, day in and day out. People do know what everyone else is up to and everybody does know everyone else's business. Familiarity does breed contempt.

    The most interesting thing that happened to me while I was there was getting propositioned by another married man, in front of his wife. It turned out they were swingers & he liked me for a long time. She wanted me to go with him because "that would make him happy" WTF?

    The base is a safe place to live but everything is located in town. If you choose to live in town and you get a house on the same side of the railway tracks as the shops etc, then you should be fairly sweet.

    The base also has the movies on the weekend, which your kids can go to - double feature for $5. If you live on base your kids can wander up there on Sat arvo when they are ready.

    If you have family and/or great friends nearby I think that is a significant advantage. We did not know anybody in the State and had to start again. It was really, really hard. The people that coped well were the ones who could get away and visit relatives.

    If we ever got posted there again, we would live in Kilmore, Bendigo or Heathcote.

    This is my experience and JMHO.

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    hi cj,

    im the opposite.... i just moved away on posting from Pucka, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED living on base!

    We have plenty of friends that were non-army and you could not pay me enough ti live in seymour. urgh.

    I loved living at Pucka, never once did i feel like i was living in each others pockets or felt people always knew what i was up to at all.

    Thje homes (mostly) are beautiful and new, and its just great to be in a safe, nice environement.

    Has your DH lived in base as a married before? or just as a single?? because it is two COMPLETELY different experiences!!! LIving as a singly on bas would be just horrible , but oin the married patch, i loved it and would move back in a heartbeat!


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