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    I went to my dentist to have my teeth whitened and I have never seen such dramatic results. My dentist uses Opalessence (sp?), which is the highest % available. My mum got zoom whitening and it was good, but not as good as mine. I have tried home stuff before and the results were just crappy, waste of money. I even used Vani-T whitening wand and it didnt do a thing.

    I do wanna say something though...... I understand you want your teeth whitened for your wedding as did I and it was so important to me and I wouldnt do any different or talk u out of it. Although beware your teeth will become highly sensitive and in my case my teeth have pretty much no enamel left so I am having to get fillings more and its like my teeth have no protection. I have to rinse my mouth after having coffee or any coloured or sugary foods. Sorry to put a dampener on it but I wish somebody warned me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellini View Post
    The ones from the supermarket don't do didley, you do need to go to a dentist for real results, IMO.

    My friend is an ortho assistant and she said that zoom whitening (the one done in the chair) can make your teeth go really sensitive, plus it's expensive. Instead she gave me a whitening product that you purchase from the dentist (along with teeth moulds) and you put it in for two hours at night for a week. She gave it to me for free but it's apparently cheaper than laser whitening and it does the same thing. It made my teeth go pretty white The change was really noticeable.

    Sounds like what I used? I had mine done about 8 years ago, it was Colgate branded from the dentist and came in a grey pack? The dentist made the moulds, like a mouth guard and I put a paste in the trays and worse them while I slept for 3 nights.

    My teeth were 100000000000 shades whiter and they're still perfectly white.

    Cost me around $300 back then.

    But I don't drink soft drink, alcohol and don't smoke and drink coffee rarely so that's probably helped to keep them white. I didn't experience any severe senstivitity or issues as a result.

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    Teeth Whitening Kit - mintcosmetics.com when using this product after a week really notice the change. at least two shades whiter. and is very easy to use. really recommend.
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