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    Question 5 month old early waking - Please Help ... I'm quickly reaching the end of my tether!

    I have a beautiful 5 month old baby boy who is really good natured and generally happy. He's not a fantastic napper - only sleeps for one cycle about 40 to 45 mins and has about 4 naps instead of 3 but I am working stretching these out and consolidating to 3.

    He goes down really easily on a night time and bed time is usually between 6pm and 7pm depending on how his naps have gone that day. He will sleep solidly till about 2pm and has a dreamfeed about 10pm. However he is pretty restless from about 3am onwards. Just recently he started waking regularly at about 5am but this is now getting earlier and earlier - moving back to about 4am now! When he wakes up he is wide awake, happy and smiling but then generally needs a nap about 1 1/2 hours later.

    I am at my wits end with how to get him to sleep later - I've read that I should try an earlier bed time but 6.00pm is already pretty early! and sometimes his last afternoon nap doesn't finish till about 4.30pm so difficult to put him down any earlier. Its near impossible to stretch him out to miss out that nap as he will just fall asleep anyway!

    I'm a single parent and due back at work in a weeks time and starting to get super stressed with the lack of sleep. I reckon I can cope with most things as long as I can get some sleep - it doesn't even need to be a fully 8 hours - I would be more than happy with 6 hours in a row right now! Have not had a proper nights sleep since before I was pregnant!!!

    Any advice would be really appreciated if you have had a similar issue and managed to resolve it!

    I'm not a fan of cry it out so suggestions other than this would be appreciated!

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    I don't know if this will help you but I'll tell you what I do with my 5 month old boy - he also likes to wake early. I have a "rule" (completely arbitrary) that if he wakes before 6am I act like it's a "middle of the night wake" i.e. feed if necessary, no lights, no chitchat, no eye contact then straight back to bed. If he wakes after 6am then I accept that he's up for the day.

    However the only real way that this works is to be fairly strict with the re-settling process and for me this means some form of controlled crying. But I believe that CC gets bad press and is often done "wrong". The way I do it I never let my bub cry if he's distressed, only if it's a protest cry. I firmly am against "crying it out". But anyhoo, that's a whole other thread.

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    lol, is he waking cause he is hungry? my dd is 8 months and she still wakes once a night anywhere between 2am-4am for a bottle but will stay awake for about an hr before going back to sleep, and she goes to bed anywhere between 7pm-8pm.

    we do the same thing, if its dark out side she stays in her bed and lights off (except for the night light) but sometimes if she isnt impressed we turn her light on and give her some toys which seem to work well. she does protest cry a little bit but its normally because she has somehow wedged herself in the corner of her cot.

    she will then normally sleep till about 6.30am.


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