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    Thanks OJandMe. I assumed it was for some legal nonense and such.

    Is that why they want you to come in straight away too? I'd much rather labour at home for as long as possible, as it is so much more comfortable, and yes less intervention. But I am also slightly nervous about not being able to tell if my baby is ok...?

    I guess I need to discuss it with my ob, and ask him to be completely honest, rather than just giving me the legal answer.

    I have heard mention of doppler/tens machines you can hire. Does anyone know anything about them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theophania View Post
    I have had this with my first son. Continual fetal monitoring can actually be detrimental to a VBAC. It is often blamed for picking up problems that aren't there and are a cause for increased cesareans. It is actually safer to have an experienced midwife with a hand held Doppler to monitor bubs through a couple of contractions.

    The screw that goes into the baby head is exactly that. It leaves a bruise as well and when I had it done, it kept falling out so they kept having to put it back in.

    I don't think continual fetal monitoring is a necessity for a VBAC and I intend to refuse it throughout my VBAC.
    TOTALLY agree. If there is no need to have a constant reading then there is no need to stress the baby and yourself with a clip!

    Quote Originally Posted by lilpearl View Post
    I would not consent to CFM - causes more harm than good....does not lead to better outcomes, but does give higher risk of ending up with caesarean as a/ can give incorrect readings and b/ doesn't allow for movement (even cordless don't allow freedom to use shower and bath at will). Doppler monitoring is more accurate, and for less annoying.

    Scalp monitoring is not routine but far more acurate than external CTG monitoring - obviously should only be used in extreme circumstances though!

    Doppler is, by far, superior and most are waterproof, so you can be relaxing in a bath and your midwife can simply pop it under the water to check bubs heartrate.
    I agree with this too, but in saying that there are going to be situations when the clip is going to help PREVENT CS, as it did in my case.
    If they were not able to accurately see how Xavier was coping with the stress in each contraction he would have had to come out via CS. At one stage he even went down to a HR of 40 and was doing fabulous vanishing acts on the external monitor. It REALLY was horrid not being able to walk around or move much though.

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    Yep awesome isnt it..not!
    I had continual foetal monitoring for my first bub and they ended up putting that thing in her head cos the belt sucks.

    If you are going to have a chance at successful VBAC then you need to be firm and tell them you want minimal time with the belt on you want to stay mobile and you will only let them do the head thing if it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise you will have a very hard time getting the baby out.


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