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    Default Having a tough time with solids right now

    DD is 8 nearing 9 months and we are having a really tough time with solids.

    She is still on pureed food, she has no teeth, we started bread this week and she seems to be doing okay.

    However gone are the days were she would eat all of her solids and then ask for more. She cant stand her high chair, she cries when put in to it, I have to calm her down even before the feedin can start, then she starts crying 2-3 spoon fulls in to any of her meals or all of her meals for the day. Some days she loves some things the next day she will gag and even vomit on it.

    It is driving DP and I up the wall DP is ready to give solids up, I have told him it is important to her development etc etc

    I just dont know what the problem could be, has anyone else been through this? Can anyone give me any advice? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

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    Went threw it all with DS. His a refluxer which causes half of our problems. He didnt start to take to solids till 8months.

    Best advice i can offer is, go with the flow. If she doesnt want solids or the high chair, dont force the point. It can lead to bigger issues down the track.

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    Don't worry about the teeth (DD didn't get her 1st until almost 11mths).

    Have you tried giving her some finger foods, instead of spoon fed stuff? My DD stopped being co-operative with spoon feeding around 10-11mths. She only co-operates if it's something she really loves! However, she's quite happy to munch on sticks of banana, steamed carrots/zucchinis, slices of fritz, chicken patties, fish fingers, cut up grapes, slices of peeled apples, dry crackers, toast, sandwiches, etc

    What I normally do is feed her some spoon fed stuff first (ie yoghurt, mashed vegies, etc). I try to get her to eat as many spoonfuls as I can. Once she starts to refuse them, then I give her a plate of fingerfood & let her go her hardest. It's suprising how much they can eat on their own & with no teeth (DD still only has 2 at 12 mths).

    Don't stress about it, because she's probably picking up your stressed out vibes about feeding times! Just let her have fun with her food & things will improve I'm sure!


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