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    Default Melbourne IVF Clinics

    Hi Ladies,

    Well after 14 months ttc, an Ecopic pregnancy, one removed & one damaged tube, it looks like I am off to IVF in April.

    My Obs, who has been FANTASTIC all the way, shares premises with Melbourne IVF, so I guess this is the obvious option, and I've got no objection to this.

    Just wondering though, what the alternatives in Melbourne are, and if anyone can share experiences at any Melb clinics before I make that choice?

    Thanks everyone
    Jelly x

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    Hi Jelly (again lol)

    we are with Monash, only because we got in there quicker- but also feel free to join us in the "calling all Melb Girls" thread. A lot of the ladies there are with MIVF and will be able to assist you

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    Hi Jellyblush, I was just about to make the same suggestion as Noodle (Hi Noodle ). Come into the Melb Girls thread and ask away. We've got people at Melb IVF, Monash IVF & City Fertility.

    I am with Dr Fleur Cattrall at Melb IVF and got a BFP on our very first transfer. Our DD is now 18 m/o. Since Sept last year I've had 2 transfers which ended in a chemical pregnancy and a positive pregnancy that unfortunately resulted in a miscarriage. I'm now in the milddle of the 2 week wait to see if our latest transfer has worked (not thinking happy thoughts at the moment...and I so wanted it to be 3rd time lucky). I'm in a totally different situation to you though in that I have endometriosis, which is the reason for us needing to do IVF.

    I always look at the fact that I have endo as a positive...as far as having to do IVF goes that is....because there is a diagnosis for why I am not falling pregnant naturally. I guess you'll be a bit the same in that at least the Drs know what they are treating you for. It must be so so so so much harder for the lovely couples that have unexplained infertility.

    Would be worth your while getting some names of Fertility Specialists and joining the Melb Girls thread and see if anyone has any info on the Dr you are considering.

    I wish you all the very best and hope that everything works out for you.

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    Welcome Jelly,

    For me the way I see it is that for some women, there will be no perfect clinic or specialist... for some nothing will ever work and that is a sad part of life and not the fault of a specific clinic etc.

    So really, read a bit, ask questions, find a clinic and more importantly a specialist that you feel listens to you, explains things well and provides to you a suitable level of care. Someone who tries different protocols and considers other options.

    Talk to Melbourne and Monash as they do opertae differently.

    For me Melbounre works well as i like that my doctor does all of my procedures, scans, transfers etc. Monash you might find you see more of your nurse.

    Whatever you feel works for you.

    Good luck!


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