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    Default Please help with Breastfeeding Book!

    Hi everyone

    I'm 25, have an 11mth old son and am a freelance writer. I have noticed that many people want to breastfeed but are not getting proper support, therefore I'm currently (slowly) in the process of compiling a book about breast
    feeding from the 'expert's' (i.e. mother's) point of view to try make up for this situation. I want to include real mum's experiences of feeding their babies, quotes about feeding, cultural and traditional insight, etc, so that pregnant women
    and new mothers can read stories of people in the same boat of them.
    I want to look at what women want in regards to breastfeeding and
    bottle feeding their babies and whether our current health system
    helps women achieve these goals or not.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could write up an account of your
    own experiences whether you breast fed or bottle fed. Please make
    these stories as personal as possible. Feel free to include emotion
    and humour, and please write as if you were having a chat with a
    friend. Remember that anything you write may be included in my book,
    which will hopefully one day be commercially available. Therefore, if
    you would prefer to remain anonymous say so and I will respect that by
    giving you a pseudonym.

    Also could you please pass this email onto any other mums you know and
    ask them to send their accounts to Pink.Ink077@gmail.com Some of you
    don't have children or are not mums please pass on to those who are
    I'm also hoping to hear what dads think about feeding, so get them
    to send write-ups too.

    You can include info about:
    1) Whether you wanted to breastfeed or bottle feed before you had your
    baby and your reasons for this desire.
    2) Your initial experiences of feeding when in hospital. We're the
    midwives helpful?
    3) How feeding went when you returned home?
    4) How long you fed for. Why? How did you feel about this decision?
    5) What affect do you think your feeding choices had on the
    relationship between you and your child?
    6) Whether you continued to breast feed after going back to work? How
    you managed this?
    7) Tips for other mothers on feeding and parenting in general.

    Please use the above points only as guides, I want to hear about YOU
    and that means your responses should come from the heart. I'm
    especially interested to her from mothers of twins or more, those who
    had c-sections, those with premature babies, those whose babies
    have/had allergies, those who have breastfed while pregnant with
    another baby and those who breastfed second time around. Also please
    send your stories of breastfeeding problems such as blocked ducts and

    Feel free to be as creative as you want. Some ideas for formats for
    information: letter to your child, drawings, poems, whatever!!!!
    Thanks heaps for your help in my research. I promise to inform all of
    you should I manage to get a publisher for my book, but please
    remember I am only in the initial stages of writing and such news (if
    it ever comes) will be some time away.

    Rachael Blair

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    This sounds like a fabulous project, Rachael. When I read the various threads on this website, I often think we'd have so much worthwhile material for a book. I'd love to put something together.


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    Default Can't wait to hear from you

    Hi Spencer's Mum

    Can't wait to hear your response. Looking forward to your email and thanks for the positive comments.



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