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    peoples, i am just bumping this thread as there are SO many good housework tips here! i've just moved into a big two-storey house which is lovely but i'm really worried about when i will find the time to clean it all with a 4-day per week job (and sometimes working nights and weekends when busy). THANK YOU

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    If you can possibly afford it a cleaner. We don't have one anymore and honestly, it really sucks. But, what I do is:
    Get the washing done through the week.
    Try and do one task each day.
    About to recommence online shopping.
    My dh spends lots of time with ds on the w.end and I try and do big jobs while they are otherwise occupied.
    My dh cleans the kitchen every night.
    Buy a dyson.
    I am trying to not sweat it so much. Does it really matter if the outside of the kitchen cupboards are grotty or the hallway is not mopped?

    Basically, it's tough and I feel like I work in one capacity or another all the bloody time.

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    LOVE the dyson mine is 10 yrs old and still going strong but when it carks it, i'll be getting another dyson! thanks for the tips kar.

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    Hey I love this thread. Oh wow some of you sound really really organised.

    I work 5 days per week it is fulllllllll on with 2 little kids. Here are my few tips on how I survive....

    Love yourself and be kind to yourself
    Coffee and tea in the morning is your best friend
    Eat fruit everyday
    Always pack yourself something to eat for lunch, and if not make sure you have some $ to buy something nutritious
    Go to bed early
    Don't mind if your kids want to sleep with you - they dont see you all day, so of course want to be with you as much as possible
    Stretch / move even if it's a walk once a week. SOmething is better than nothing.
    Drink water all day.
    Take regular breaks if u work on a computer
    Get sunshine everyday even for 10minutes
    Take your multivitamins, and consider St John's Wort Natures Own brand if you're feeling a bit down...
    Rather than washing and styling hair every 2 days, buy that 'spray-in' dry shampoo (from Target and is made out of scented cornflour). Sounds a bit wrong, but it's great if you have to straighten your hair every time you wash it!! Then, use a showercap when you shower. It will get you another day, and sometimes 2 days out of your 'do'.
    Do make-up in the car at red lights on way to work (!)
    Keep work shoes and slippers at front door for quick and easy change
    Treat yourself to nice coffees / tea at work

    Try to learn to live with a bit of chaos, and if you get overwhelmed just do the dishes and shine your sink...
    Don't iron. Just don't. Either fold things carefully right away, live with a few wrinkles, buy things that don't need it, or (my preference) dry-clean.
    Might sound extravagant but , if you have a few nice expensive-ish suits and tops that serve you well, dry-clean them - they deserve it, it'll save time and $ in the long-run.
    Hire a gardener who is cheap and reliable every few months
    Hire a cleaner as above
    Get your hubby to do the washing and vacuuming (!)
    Don't mop unless you really really have to
    Get your kids to help with putting their toys away. Practice makes perfect. Make a competition about it, who can do the most the fastest.
    Get your kids to help dust.
    Declutter every day - even if it's just chucking out 5 things.
    Pack kids lunch for school the night before - just do it.
    Get your hubby to clean up after dinner. You cooked. Vice versa.

    Meal-wise, do simple easy things:
    Even if it's a simple / boring meal, try and eat at the dinner table together most evenings. It's soooo important to reconnect, and having grown up without it, I can say how wonderful it is.
    I'm still very much learning how the hell to do this after a long tiring day at work with zero prep time . (If I was a stay-at-home-mum I would start cooking the dinner from about 3.30pm).
    Keep a running shopping list. Shop when you can and try to do it without the kids. Avoid Sunday nights!!
    Cous cous is great. Fish fingers, pre-ready frozen mashed potato is also fabulous (and no bad additives in it surprisingly!).
    When you chop up a pumpkin, it is such a hassle. So chop it all, and then bag it up with onion and garlic and freeze it. Voila - easy 'pumpkin soup meal kit'. Pull out of freezer, chuck into a pot with chicken stock and spices. Boil, whiz, serve. V easy and healthy.
    Always use fresh garlic, and lots of it. Wards away colds, is invisible and makes up for lack of other vegetables that the kids refuse to eat
    I still feel pretty useless at this, but we all are alive and fairly well, so must be doing something right.

    Weekends are for:
    • Napping
    • Playing
    • Outings
    • More napping
    • Watching TV
    • Hubby time
    • Church
    • Wagging Church
    • Fun
    • Baking
    • Gardening
    • Pottering
    • Hanging with friends.
    • Taking kids to horseriding/tennis/other fun activity
    • Walking the dogs & kids to the park
    • Picnics
    • Not housework (ok just a little bit if you enjoy it)...

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    We get up at 5am in this house, and often didn't have to leave for work until 7:30 so by 7am the floors were swept and the washing from the day before (small loads) was taken off the airers, folded as I took them off and put away in drawers. I'd throw on a load of washing after work/daycare each day and have a shower. I'd cook (still do, never know these days when I'm going to be working) an extra serve or extra few serves of meals then freeze them so that the upright freezer is full of those plastic containers of leftovers so it's all cooked from scratch, frozen fresh and healthy food. It isn't any harder for me to cook extras. I'd do the dishes around 7:15 when breakfast was finished, then we'd brush our teeth, get shoes on and be out the door by 7:30am. Now it's 8am but still in the same type of routine, we just have a spare half an hour in the mornings and now we only wash once a week too on Friday nights, then get it off and fold on Saturday morning so it's all done by about 8/9 in the morning!

    Shopping is tricky. I'd stop at the shop on the way home from work between leaving work and getting to daycare and I'd get a basket full so I'd make a few stops each week to get what we need. I have had it delivered before and would do it again if needed, but yes it is quite expensive so not something I'd like to do on a regular basis.

    The dishes get done each night after we've finished with them and the tables and benches are wiped over as we go. On weekends all I'd really do is the bathroom and toilet, but they could be done through the week if we had plans on weekends. It means sometimes scrubbing the bathroom at 10:30pm though!

    This house is pretty big, but really there's just myself, a child and a dog living here so that's quite different from a family of 4 or more.


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