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    Quote Originally Posted by Jezzy View Post
    How long has it been since you have been out of hospital??
    From reading a previous post it seems obvious to me that his anaemia is from the rectal bleeding that he had and NOT the fact that you dont feed him properly, plus his weight loss could not be accounted from the time in hospital where he was fasted and the fact that his little gut needs time to recover from the bleeding???
    It sounds like you all had a pretty rough time recently I would try a few of the suggested things but remember to give your little guy a chance to recover from his ordeal.

    You sound like great mum and he is too cute in his photo not too skinny
    2 weeks I know that's why he lost weight and became anemic but it didn't stop an er doctor from telling me I was not feeding him properly. If he just lost the weight I think I could handle that because he was becoming quite a good eater. Snce he got sick though he has reduced his intake of milk and refuses most solids. The whole hospital stay really effecte him he just isn't the same baby since he got out. He also has attachment issues now too becasue I held him the whole hospital stay. I can't even put him in the bath with his sister now without him screaming his head off. Before I used to pput him in the shower with her while I sat and watched him now he will scream the moment i put him down in the shower. I just wished we didn't go there because they didn't do anything to really make him better but he's come out worse apart from the bleeding which self stopped on it's own.

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    to you, maybe start from the beginning again and try purees and smaller volumes of milk more regularly. A dietician is a good avenue to explore.
    Sounds like some of those docs you saw are d!cks
    You will get there good luck!!


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