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    Moncheri, I enrolled in the units myself and selected the times for the classes, am I supposed to do something different or follow a different timetable? I really havent had any info through for the course at all other than the acceptance, ive fumbled my way through everything on my own!
    Feel free to add me on Facebook or msg me there (katie dearle) or even sms me 0431759111, its hard to check on here all the time.
    Cant wait to get started and meet everyone. Our main orientation is 17th Feb and I'll definitely be there that day but i dont think ill attend anything else as im having to pay daycare for that...

    Anyway, hope to hear from you soon x

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    Default Midwifery at Curtin, Bentley WA

    Hi! I'm hoping there is someone on here who is studying the Bachelor of Midwifery in Perth at Curtin Uni. I'd love to know how many units are compulsory to be on campus? As I live in Bunbury (2hrs away) and with 2 little ones I'm not keen on travelling that far all the time! Is it realistic to think I'd be able to do most of the work online and maybe even do my prac here at a Bunbury hospital? Thanks heaps for any help info or advice that anyone might have!

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    Default Bachelor of Nursing and Mid Question...

    Please tell me how you got accepted into your Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery degree?

    What pervious studies or qualifications did you have when you applied?

    Did you have a degree in a different area that helped you gain your place?

    What would you recommend one should do to increase there chances of being accepted?

    Anything else that might help would be greatly appreciated.. TIA 😊

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    Default Getting in to midwifery/nursing

    Hi there,
    I'm currently in my 3rd year of my dual Nursing/midwifery degree at University of the Sunshine Coast Qld. I had only ever completed a traineeship in childcare. I sat the STAT test which gave me a ranking to get into Nursing and I was also able to do a free course before starting at the uni which was all about Academic Skills (it was through the uni over the summer before I started). I also found out I was pregnant with our 5th Bub at that time so I was able to do the semester of nursing and worked very hard to get good marks. I then had to take the next semester off to have my bub but applied to change program to the dual nursing midwifery degree. They used my GPA as a ranking and I transferred and started the dual degree in 2015. If you can get into nursing this may be a pathway for you to get in but not always guaranteed if a lot of people apply. However even if you could do your nursing first you could complete that then go back and do RN pathway Bachelor of Midwifery which is 18months. I hope that helps, it's an emotional ride!! Good luck 😊


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